Practice on projects and access opportunities from all over the galaxy.

Practice on projects of your choice, receive feedback and increase your chances for passing your next interview.

A character practicing projects

Practice on projects from an ever-growing library

We have a large selection of projects that we update regularly, from which you can pick and choose the ones you’d like to work on. All the available projects were carefully curated according to two principles:

  1. They should teach you something practical
  2. They should contribute to your employability

Note: only tech-related projects are available for now.

A character receiving feedback

Get feedback on your work

Working on a project on your own is in itself a pretty cool endeavor but it sucks when you can’t get feedback on it, especially so when you’re stuck or you didn’t get the expected result. That is why submission review and evaluation is baked right into the platform.

A resume standing out from others

Stand out from the crowd

The more projects you work on, the richer your portfolio will become which will help you stand out from the crowd because as you know, in today’s world credentials alone are no longer enough, it’s increasingly more about what you can actually do and the skills you have and less about which school you attended… that is if you attended one in the first place!

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Earn coins to get awesome perks

Thanks to the projects you validate, you'll earn badges and coins which you can then use to get the goodies you want.

Also, they trust us... for some reasons

Guess it helps when you take their families host..., umm, I mean when they share our vision

And we're not done yet. We're working hard on brining in more partners.

Sounds interesting?

Hell to the yeah if you ask us, just sayin'...


Case studies

Meet Leila

Leila is a first year college student. She joined WeRebase to work on practical projects and was able to gradually develop her skills by obtaining WeRebase badges, which she later integrated on her LinkedIn profile. She thus succeeded in accessing an internship with a startup.

Meet Adam

Adam is a senior engineering student. On WeRebase, he obtained gold badges in certain skills. It thus helped him stand out from other candidates for an end of study internship abroad. He conducted a remote interview and was selected for this end of study internship.

Meet Sarah

Sarah graduated a few months ago. She joined WeRebase to work on practical projects and succeeded in highlighting her skills via the badges obtained through WeRebase since they were visible on her Linkedin profile and validated by a trusted third party. This allowed her to get many interviews and got a position that matched her profile and expectations.


How can WeRebase help increase my chances for getting a job/internship?

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What happens if I get stuck on a project?

When do you advise a student to join?

I’m no longer a student, is it useful for me to join?

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