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Talent is not only hard to come by but also very expensive, especially developers. And it's even harder for early-stage startups due to the tight budget. On our ever-growing network, you’ll find talent in the fields of development, design, marketing, customer experience, accounting and more.

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When publishing your job or internship offer, only candidates with portfolios and the skills you specify will be able to apply. Our approach highlights the candidate’s accomplishments and the skills they have. That way you can focus only on filtering from qualified candidates.

Now once you found the candidate, a big problem occurs: for financial and sometimes legal reasons you may not be able to hire them. And this is where we come in.

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You can remotely hire the candidate you want by signing a service contract with us. The contract ensures that the candidate will be working 100% for your startup and protects both of your rights. All for a flat monthly fee.


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Case Studies

A startup created 6 months ago with limited funds needed to quickly recruit a React developer. By using WeRebase, they were able to find a talented and motivated candidate without wasting time. They opted for remote recruitment, without administrative overhead, and were able to execute on their commercial launch successfully.

An early-stage French B2B startup has started to sign their first clients and needed to staff their team with 1 for customer experience (to manage support request through the phone, email and chat), 1 community manager and 1 moderator to supervise the different interactions on the platform. However, the generated revenue doesn’t allow for a recruitment in France. With WeRebase, they were able to efficiently fulfill their needs with the required flexibility.

A fast-growing startup wants to expand internationally and needs to quickly build a team of developers to adapt its solution to the target market. Via WeRebase, the startup was able in a few days to find candidates and quickly put together the team while keeping costs manageable.

An incubated startup at a partner had to pivot and needed to have a prototype ready in 4 to 5 months. They remotely recruited an intern (as an end of study) and were able to successfully reach their goal spending only 400€ along the way. They then proceeded to remotely hire the former intern as a full-time employee to ensure continuous improvement of the product.

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  • Access a large pool of upcoming talent interested in startups
  • Save time on screening
  • Hire remotely by signing a service contract with us
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